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Discover the power of Market Profile charts in finding low risk high reward Trading setups and use the information from the Order Flow to guide you in entries and exits

Order Flow Charts

Charts in the Trading room are made through years of experience in the field. We know what to look for and what to avoid. Our charts can cut your learning curve by years


Some people need more than a class. They need experience. We are there to walk you through a situation you may not have seen before.

Vtrender Trading Room

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Some Popular OrderFlow techniques we use


A market which has gone too short suddenly (or too long) will show the appearance of an PDD (or an NDD). PDD is Positive Delta Divergence and NDD is Negative Delta Divergence. It tells us that smart money is buying into the dip ( or shorting the highs) and the current move is short lived and about to turn

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A Large Lot Trader or LLT as we call it is an Institutional presence in the market. This is a player who will absorb all the supply at the lows and build a long position with a huge order or absorb all the supply above and build a short position. The mere presence of an LLT also points to a market about to turn.

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And Much more

Besides the NDD and PDD and the LLT's we also chart imbalances and Volume clusters and classify the volumes differently based on the bid and ask prices. We also plot MB's or microbalances which show small ranges where the bigger players are missing. And lots more..

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At Vtrender our purpose has always been education. We neither sell indicators nor charting services. The Trading Room has been a daily class where you participate and ask questions. And it always has been an all day long program and not the one hour kind of webinars you see often where they talk about a chart from 2 months back and an analysis to back it. Everything is perfect in hindsight and if only the markets could reward us for the great hindsight!! But the truth has always been about how you respond to the markets in real time, ‘cos the markets and the opportunity do not wait for anyone. But we also understand that some people need more than a class. They need experience. We are there to walk you through a situation you may not have seen before.
Our domain has been always MarketProfile and OrderFlow and there is a huge difference between working with Vtrender and Others. For one, we are interested in ensuring that you get the education needed to succeed in these markets. And two, we are there with you to ensure that the education we talk about is adapted appropriately to a Live Market Situation and daily. There is a huge gap between what people are taught and what they learn experience wise. We will help you connect the dots.
It’s about you, and you, building a career in these markets. ‘Cos careers are neither bought nor sold. So if you want to understand more about Market Profile and OrderFlow join the Vtrender Trading Room.
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