Market Profile Charts dated 11th Jan

MarketProfile is best understood as a way to see order in the markets. MarketProfile takes the data from each day’s trading session and organizes it to help us understand who is in control of the market and what is perceived as fair value. VolumeProfile and MarketProfile are very good tools to assist you in trading. You can use it along with your existing setup. To know more about the Market Profile visit – To understand how to employ them properly join the Vtrender Trading Room- NF BNF

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Order Flow charts dated 11th Jan

Many traders are used to viewing volume as a histogram beneath a price chart. This approach shows the amount of volume traded below the price Bar. The Order Flow approach is to see the Volume traded inside or within the price bar, an important distinction. Order Flow trading is thinking about what order market participants do and when you think along this, you can anticipate what kind of action they will be taking in the market. This is a very important concept in Order Flow. NF BNF Room Chat 09:00 Vtrender Live : (08:59) Vtrender Live: option charts –…

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