Market Profile Analysis dated 11th Feb

Nifty Feb F: NF opened with a small gap down and stayed below Friday’s spike low of 10935 and continued the imbalance it started on Friday to the downside. The auction tagged the 2 ATR move from FA of 11143 which was at 10901 and continued the probe lower tagging the vPOC of 10870 in the ‘B’ period leaving a relatively large IB of 60 points. NF also left a selling tail at top for the third day in succession and today’s tail was from 10900-10957. (Click here to view the profile chart for better understanding) Post IB, the auction…

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Market Profile Charts dated 11th Feb

The Market Profile offers a charting approach that is very different from bar or candlestick charts, which have been used historically to graph market activity. we have elaborated on the differences at – Market Profile gives clarity to the volatility of the markets. If it is backed by volume, then the move is supposed to be good and would stick. And Market Profile displays the exact levels where volume-backed volatility occurred. When you trade with Market Profile, you in effect get a new and more powerful way to view the base market data. This base data is price, time…

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Order Flow charts dated 11th Feb

Trading Order Flow allows a trader to see the specific price where a trade has hit the market, along with the volume of that trade. This information is extremely valuable and allows a trader to generate substantial revenue by using this information to trade. The way we see it is that Order Flow trading is a mindset. Well, instead of just looking for technical patterns, Trader should go a step further and think about what other market participants might do. NF BNF Room Chat 08:50 Vtrender Live : (08:48) Vtrender Live: option screen- (08:50) Vtrender Live: 30 min charts…

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