Market Profile Charts dated 14th Mar

The Market Profile is a unique charting tool that enables traders to observe the two-way auction process that drives all market movement. The Market Value Area is especially important for day traders to identify. It guides short-term traders to the price levels where the greatest volume of trading is taking place. To know more about the Market Profile visit – To understand how to employ them properly join the Vtrender Trading Room- NF BNF

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Order Flow charts dated 14th Mar

The key to using Order Flow trading is to determine market depth. This describes the places where Market participants have taken positions or the zone they have transacted. The order flow is like a list of trades and helps to know how other traders are placed in the market. Vtrender helps you to stay on top of the Market by understanding Order Flow. This increases your flexibility, your data analysis capability and your winning trade signals. And you make your existing systems better. NF BNF Room Chat 08:53 Vtrender Live : (08:50) Vtrender Live: options screen – (08:52) Vtrender…

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Market Profile Analysis dated 13th Mar

Nifty Mar F: NF gave a freak open-low tick of 11202-11101 which was to be ignored as there were no volumes below 11302 making it an OAIR start to the day & as NF stayed above the yPOC, the auction began to probe higher as it made a high of 11347 in the ‘A’ period which was followed by a probe above PDH (Previous Day High) in the ‘B’ period as NF tagged 11363 and was immediately rejected back as ‘B’ period closed at lows confirming a small selling tail from 11348 to 11363. (Click here to view the profile…

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