Market Profile Charts dated 15th Mar

The Market Profile offers a charting approach that is very different from bar or candlestick charts, which have been used historically to graph market activity. we have elaborated on the differences at – To know more about the Market Profile visit – To understand how to employ them properly join the Vtrender Trading Room- NF BNF

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Order Flow charts dated 15th Mar

Timing is the key to successfully trade the markets in the shorter time frame. Order Flow is one of the most effective methods to time your trades by seeing exactly what the other traders are trading in the market and positioning your bias accordingly. Order Flow is the most transparent way to trade and takes away the guesswork from decision making. NF BNF Room Chat 09:47 RK : (09:46) RK : Keep Long NF 11440 SL 11418 obj 11470 11:52 RK : (11:52) RK : move SL to 11415 (09:46) RK : Keep Long NF 11440 SL 11418 obj 11470…

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Market Profile Analysis dated 14th Mar

Nifty Mar F: NF opened around the previous day’s close giving an almost OL start and probed higher into the previous day’s small tail at top giving an indication that it the auction may move higher as it made a high of 11399 in the ‘A’ period but could not close above PDH. The ‘B’ period made a lower high of 11392 & stayed inside the ‘A’ period for most of the time as it probed lower and went on to break below the morning OL to to make new lows at 11361 & closed at lows indicating more downside…

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