Market Profile Charts dated 16th Apr

The Market Profile will guide traders through a new understanding of the market that will allow them to identify the most profitable trade opportunities as they happen. A ‘Market Profile‘ takes the guesswork out of the markets by putting Price, Volume and Time in one chart in an easily understood graphic format. To know more about the Market Profile visit – To understand how to employ them properly join the Vtrender Trading Room- NF BNF

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Order Flow charts dated 16th Apr

Timing is the key to successfully trade the markets in the shorter time frame. Order Flow is one of the most effective methods to time your trades by seeing exactly what the other traders are trading in the market and positioning your bias accordingly. Order Flow is the most transparent way to trade and takes away the guesswork from decision making. NF BNF Room Chat 09:05 Vtrender Live : (09:01) Vtrender Live: option charts – (09:05) Vtrender Live: 30 min charts – 09:15 Shai : (09:15) Shai : update – Make an exit in the 30100 puts ay…

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Market Profile Analysis dated 15th Apr

Nifty Apr F: NF opened above the Neutral Extreme reference low of 11675 and probed higher but was not able to get above the HVN of 11721 as it made a high of 11718 leaving a narrow IB range of just 36 points. (Click here to view the profile chart for better understanding) There was no conviction on either side as the volumes were also very low as the auction remained in a narrow range after a failed attempt to get above the IBH in the ‘C’ period after which it gave a dip to VWAP where it found support…

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